Pet Care while Vacationing

 Thursday, July 6, 2017 


pet 2Travelling with pets needs special care, it is better to acquaint yourself with the risk associated with them before you plan your destination.


Most of the travellers prefer bringing along their dog or cat and make them a part of their journey, but it also comes with a lot of hassles. Instead of putting your beloved pet in danger we provide you with some easy hacks when you are travelling with your pet.
Get familiar with the entry requirements of the destination where you are going.


When travelling to US dogs need a proof of rabies vaccination while cats may not depending on the site.Pets arriving in Hawaii or Island of Guam might be subjected to locally quarantine requirements.


Other countries want their pets to travel with a Canadian International Health Certificate authorised by a veterinarian. As per the Canadian Animal Health Institute, the pet has to be micro chipped and may require rabies vaccination, tapeworm treatment and tick treatments. Blood tests are done to ensure that the animal are free from disease causing agents like leptospira, Leishmania, Ehrlichia and Brucella.


pet 1The best thing is to consult the local Embassy of the country to find the exact requirement of the pet in that particular country. But it doesn’t end here pet need to be safe while travelling, they might be exposed to diseases and parasites depending on the destination and should be provided with preventive medications.


As recommended by the Canadian Animal Health Institute the possibility of parasites, viruses, bacteria should be checked and preventive measures should be taken.
Parasites can be easily transmitted and are found varied across the world. Those occurring in warm and temperate climates may cause irritation. Viruses might lead to death in most of the cases, apart from the normal bacteria, some bacteria may cause serious disease.Pets might be infected with skin wounds, eat contaminated food or drink contaminated water.


How you commute is also a major concern for the well-being and safety, air travel needs an airline approved crate or carrier, some prefer sedating their pet. Sometimes the pet is relaxed while a lot of the animal might have to face difficulties in adjusting with the changing temperature and may also be risky for their health. Check which airlines do not allow pets during the hot sultry summer.


Confirm where the pet will be placed in the train, plan for motion sickness and how you will cater to the needs of the pet like food, water and bathroom breaks.
In North America there is a provision of baggage car, where they can only travel on trains that offer checked baggage service. However in Amtrak, pets may travel with human and not as a checked bagged. In both the cases a fee will be applicable.
A secure carrier should be there with a seatbelt when travelling with a pet in car. Keep a leash, litter box at hand and do not ever leave a pet inside a hot car. Check if your pet suffers from car sickness.

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