Reasons to have travel insurance: Why it is important?

 Tuesday, January 25, 2022 


Travel Insurance

Why travel insurance is most important right now? This time, the COVID-19 pandemic is going on and we are adapting to the new normal. So when we are travelling, better we will have travel insurance. It gives an assurance on medical risks, travel risks, and also flight disruptions.

“Travel insurance is a critical enabler in the current scenario. The international travel scene remains shaky and things like missing connecting flights, lost baggage, injury or illness in a foreign country especially now that the virus is around, or even weather-related risks can be mitigated greatly by travel insurance. While it has been a highly ignored aspect in the past, now most travellers will seek travel insurance as a norm.”- Arun Bagaria, co-founder and CEO, TravClan, while delivering an interview to Travel And Tour World.

Here are the five reasons why travel insurance is important and why do we need it for travel and for your future travel plans.

Medical Expenses and its Coverage

The travel insurance policies are varied in different countries. Mostly, travel insurance covers the cost of medical treatment up to a particular limit. These medical policies do not discriminate between the types of medical emergencies. It can be any type of medical emergency or treatment the insurance company delivers. The insurance company, on which your insurance has been taken, will reimburse costs up to a particular limit to the mentioned limit. Most of the travel insurance companies even have a list of network global and top-class hospitals where you can avail of treatment.

Risk of Travel

The travel insurance covers all the travel related insurances. During travel, the travel insurance covers the loss of passport all the personal belongings cover and the loss of the baggage. The travel insurance ensures an additional layer of protection for the financial loss during travel.

Trip Disruption Coverage

During this ongoing pandemic, trip disruption can happen at any time. It can cause flight cancellation, local lockdowns in specific areas. In this situation, travel insurance can help you a lot. The trip disruptions mean any disruptions that may cause you to cancel your trip or curtail your trip due to any reason. During this time, travel insurance also provides coverage for bookings that are cancelled, entire trip cancellations either by you or by the tour company or the travel agent among others. Having these risks covered provides a level of compensation.

Assistance Providence

Travel insurance can give you assurance for any problem during your trip. In case of any problems on your trip, insurance companies provide all types of assistance. The guidance developed by the travel insurance companies can help you file your claims in the correct fashion and also help you find a network hospital to get treated. As long as your insurance policy is valid, the company is obligated to help you in times of need.

All the risks, during travel, are covered by the travel insurance companies. It considers the risks that a travel insurance policy covers. The exhaustive coverage protects you against different types of risks and keeps you covered during your travels.

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