Regenerative tourism makes tourism and tourists smarter for the residents

 Wednesday, July 13, 2022 


“Regenerative” tourism is when travelers tour with a state of mind to depart from a destination making it better than when they arrived.

A new survey says that regenerative tourism makes the tourism industry and tourists smarter for the residents. An awe-inspiring 96.3% of Kauai residents reacted positively toward regenerative travel, and 98.7% reacted positively toward tourist charm.

Jerry Agrusa from the University of Hawaii said that the survey results offer direct proof regarding an underutilized category of tourism rarely practiced and explored.

Agrusa said that before the pandemic in 2019, there was, in fact, a repulse by the residents of Hawaii. They felt like there was overcrowding of tourists; hence, the expression ‘over tourism’ came up. When the pandemic came and everything was locked down in 2020 and there were 200,000 people without a job in one month. It was a chance to stop and say let us find out what can be done to perk up tourism from all stakeholders viewpoint counting the residents when the time came to reopening borders. One of the things that are primarily important is trying to aim the category of tourist that Hawaii wishes to attract.

The reason of the assessment and the study is to link regenerative tourism with tourist charm, travel shaming and residents’ support toward tourism growth. Regenerative travel definitely impacts residents’ encouragement toward tourism progress.

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