Travel brands shunned Russia

 Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Travel brands are collectively deciding to ban Russia due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine due to the ongoing global pressure. Due to the ongoing tensions between Russia and its invasion of Ukraine, these companies are moving to cut their ties off with Russia. The owner of Aman as well as the U.S.-based real estate development firm OKO Group, Vladislav Doronin has stated that he denounced the Russian aggression on Ukraine and fervently wished for peace between the two countries. He posted on Twitter that he was was born in the USSR and therefore never been a Russian national.

He purchased Aman in 2014. This company is popularly known its handcrafted resorts that offer privacy and high-end service for guests willing to shell out major money for a nightly stay. He has expanded the brand to new markets,
including a highly anticipated and delayed New York City project slated to open later this year. Doronin on Tuesday said that his company is an international company headquartered in Switzerland while OKO Group real estate firm was
headquartered in the U.S.

Doronin, a hotel and real estate mogul and has has disputes the Russian label with his name. Aman has said that this week the company is European and isn’t feeling any economic sting from the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. While the
Oprah Winfrey show in 2010 labelled him as a Russian real estate mogul, he now disputes the Russian label before his name.

Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire has ordered Russian-made or Russian-branded vodkas from its state-run liquor stores late last month. Bars, restaurants, and consumers took to pouring out vodka to protest the invasion. And
the Moscow Mule cocktail is now reappearing as the Kyiv Mule on many cocktail
lists. And despite being made in Latvia, a NATO member, Stolichnaya, or Stoli
was banned by New Hampshire.

All major companies are shunning and cutting off their Russian businesses and plan to stop their investments in Moscow. Major players like Exxon, Apple, Embraer, Airbus and Boeing are in this list.Major hotel companies may have
little presence in Russia and Ukraine but they are concerned for them and wish the conflict ends soon.  

These are examples of why companies are moving fast to distance themselves from their Russian roots and even mere exposure to the country, which is taking an extraordinary economic hit for the Putin-led invasion.


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