Ten jaw-dropping July festivals for a refreshing holiday

Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Rituals, habits and fun all are summarised in festivals. July being the middle month of the year is adorned with several festivals around the globe. As diverse the people of the globe are, so are the festivals that they organise. We tried to organise a handful of them for July.

Canada Day

Date: July 1, 2022

Place: Canada

This festival celebrated across Canada commemorates the constitution of the country and drenches in patriotic festivity. The day marks the patriotism and history through which the country has undergone in the past. This year, Canada will mark its 155th birthday and on this day, people celebrate it will extravagant fireworks, street musical performances and poster contests.

Evala Festival

Date: July 9, 2022

Place: Togo, Africa

This festival celebrates the evergreen energy of youth. Young boys wrestle with each other while young women undergo ritualistic practices. Marked by uniquely colourful costumes and decorations, young boys and girls come of age after participating in this festival or so is the belief of people from Togo.

Boryeong Mud Festival

Date: July 17-20, 2022

Place: Boryeong, South Korea

Unlike the previous enlisted festival, there are no specific reasons behind this mud festival. However, Boryeong mud is supposed to be very high in minerals. Hence, it attracts thousands across the globe to have fun and energise at the same time.

Liverpool International Music Festival

Date: July 29-31, 2022

Place: Liverpool, United Kingdom

This is the festival to celebrate musical talents and culture. The festival is targeted to provide a platform to young artists and provide them with the experience of the stage for the first time. This festival has been the launching platform for many artists for decades.


Date: July 18-19

Place: London

This is a festival that brings contemporary BTS bands together. This year the festival has been trimmed to two days from three days. However, this London event brings the DJs together to groove in the most unique way. It is a festival of coming together. The festival is a gateway for UK citizens who love to dance, groove and disco.


Date: July 18-20, 25-27

Place: Belgium

This is a spectacular festival in Belgium. The fairyland of tales comes live. The participants of the festival have the chance to experience the whole world of a fictional tale. In 2011 they have created the theme based on the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme. This offered the participants to take a real-life journey right from the rabbit hole, real waterfalls, next-level Pyrotechnics, as well as life-size mushrooms. Tomorrowland is the event organization where the entire fantasy world is recreated. The real artefacts along with bits and pieces of the favourite stories and narratives are revisited in this festival.   


Date: July 11-15

Place: Mongolia

This is a traditional festival that makes most of the manly adventures one can imagine of. The festival is a conglomeration of many manly games like wrestling, archery and horse racing. This festival takes place all over Mongolia. Recently, horse racing and archery have been opened to women as well. The festival is a celebration of the liveliness and spontaneity of youth.  


Date: July 12-20

Place: Ghana

Panafest is a festival that celebrates the unity, cultural heritage and development of the African continent. The festival is celebrated in the entire country with regional flavours, although the capital of Ghana. The festival is an amalgamation of unforgettable dance and re-enactments, music. The festival adorns the sense of youth, colours and Ghana’s rich heritage.

Can Regatta

Date: July 12

Place: Australia

Since 1974, this festival has been going on. It is one of the most unique and creative ways to recycle used beer cans. The aluminium cans are utilised for creating boats. The empty beer cans and soda cans, milk cartons are utilised to create small boats that are often used for fishing. Three businessmen namely Darwin businessmen, Lutz Frankenfeld and Paul Rice-Chapman began this festival.

Marine Day

Date: July 18

Place: Japan

Last but not least is our personal favourite. It is a beautiful gesture taken by an entire country which closes one whole business day off to thank the Ocean.  The contribution of the Ocean is immense for the country. The ocean is the biggest resource for food, lifestyle, and livelihood. This festival is celebrated throughout the country with swimming, surfing and diving activities.  

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