The Desert City soon to have its second night beach

 Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Desert City night beachHow to enjoy the beach without getting tanned? Well it might sound odd but Dubai is all set to unveil its second night beach will definitely be a perfect way of beating the heat this summer!

After Umm Suqeim, the first night beach of the UAE and the first area to legalize night-time swimming, Al Mamzar Beach close to the Deira Islands will be the second night beach in Dubai.

As per Eng. Alia Al Harmoudi, Dubai Municipality’s director of environment department, tourism at Umm Suqeim has raised to a huge extent already with more and more families coming to the beach during previously closed hours. At Al Mamzar, the hope is the same upturn in visitor numbers. The operational costs of maintaining and keeping the beach open at night minimized through the use of wind and solar-powered floodlights.

To quote Al Harmoudi , ‘the Night Swimming Beach initiative launched recently by Dubai Municipality at Umm Suqeim area has witnessed a remarkable success, which was reflected in the enhanced number of beach users in the evening, who came to the beach for swimming in the Gulf waters at night away from the sun and high temperatures during the day. Two solar and wind-powered smart poles have been installed on the Al Mamzar beach that will automatically provide high density light, in addition to smart changing rooms that generate electricity using solar and wind power.’

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