Maldives reopens for Indian tourists

 Tuesday, August 17, 2021

We know that the Maldives has opened up to Indian tourists once again. This is definitely good news because most foreign countries either won’t allow tourists from India or will put Indians in quarantine upon landing.

The Maldives, on the other hand, actually wants Indians to visit.

There are only two good reasons to visit the Maldives. The first is the spectacular beauty of the hundreds of little coral islands comprising the country, each surrounded by a lagoon with the clearest water in the world. One can witness the most spectacular sunsets, colorful fish swimming in the lagoon and if one is on a boat, dolphins jumping all around will present a show of a lifetime!

The second reason is the quality of the resorts. There are a lot of ugly, nasty resorts in the Maldives which need to be avoided. The better resorts are among the best seaside resorts in the world. The level of hoteliering is outstanding with cutting-edge global hospitality. Luxury tourism in the Maldives is largely the creation of an Indian. Sonu Shivdasvani and his Swedish wife Eva built Soneva Fushi, one of the first luxury resorts in the Maldives when the country was a low-budget destination catering to groups of Eastern Europe tourists.

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