The most unusual theme parks around the world

 Thursday, October 28, 2021 


Theme Park

Theme parks are considered to be one of the popular attractions among tourists. Though the general idea of theme park revolves around rollercoaster rides, fantasy and endless fun, there are some theme parks that feature some of the most eccentric attractions and present unusual experiences to visitors.  

These parks mostly have strange themes ranging from religion, mythology, and culture, to history and dark humor or satire. Read this piece to explore some of the most unusual theme parks around the world that takes the theme park experience to an alternative level. 

BonBon-Land, Denmark

Located in Holme Olstrup, around 100 km from Copenhagen, BonBon-Land is considered to be one of the most quirky theme parks in the world. An ideal treat for people with a sweet-tooth, the park was developed in place of the 1980s BonBon confectioners that produced various wacky confectionary products with bizarre names. Later, the BonBon-Land was founded around 1992 and currently features a mini candy-factory and various candy-themed attractions. It also boasts more than 60 rides and attractions most of which comes in anthropomorphic forms with a bit of scatological and toilet humor.

Republic of the Children, Argentina

This unique theme park, also known as the ‘City of Children’ is located in La Plata, Argentina. It stands as a replica of an entire city in miniature and comprises of all institutions that make up a city- from parliament, government houses, airport, and stations to churches, theatres and a courthouse. The theme park also elects Parliamentary members and Senators among local students and arrange annual meetings with the City Council. It provides an opportunity to introduce some realities of life to children in a fun way and serves both recreational and educational purposes. This striking park also served as an inspiration to Walt Disney back in 1950 and is considered to be the ultimate inspiration behind the creation of Disneyland.

Haw Par Villa, Singapore

Considered to be one of the strangest themed attractions in Southeast Asia, the Haw Par Villa stands as a representative of age old Chinese mythology, folklore, history and illustrations depicting certain aspects of Confucianism. The theme park aims to present the idea of morality in a slightly grotesque manner and features nearly 1000 statues and 150 dioramas. Most of the figures involves demonic statues, severed heads and similar graphic depictions of mythology. The park is also home to the famous ‘Ten Courts of Hell’ that showcases various gruesome punishments alongside explanations that defends their warrants. This bizarre theme park creates a sense of curiosity, fear, shock and dark humor among visitors and might be uncomfortable for young children for its gory nature.

Diggerland, U.K.  

Inspired by diggers and JCBs, Diggerland is a construction theme-based park, currently located in four different locations across the U.K. (Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire). The park is completely dedicated to construction and heavy machinery and breathes life into your childhood ‘Bob the Builder’ days. Visitors can experience operating heavy machinery including Dirt Diggers and Giant Diggers where they can control and drive actual diggers. They can also be on-board Dumper Trucks or enjoy thrill rides like Spindizzy that spins you around in a JCB Excavator. There is also a fifth Diggerland in the U.S. at West Berlin, New Jersey.

Suoi Tien Theme Park, Vietnam

Built around 1995, this 100-hectare park located on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City has amalgamated Vietnam’s spiritual history with fantasy. Consisting of water-filled attractions, the theme park also boasts numerous larger-than-life statues of Buddha and sacred animals like unicorns, phoenixes and dragons. The park includes some rare attractions like the man-made Tien Dong beach featuring a large waterfall that oozes out from a emperors face, an artificial seawater pool, a cave of bats, an air back over a crocodile farm as well as the popular ‘18 Gates of Hell’ boat ride with gory jumpscares. While children can relish the extremely fun water rides in this park, adults can contemplate the underlying theme of Buddhist hell and heaven.

 Window of the World, China

China’s unique Window of the World theme park brings the world’s major tourist attractions at the tip of your fingers. It features miniature replicas of 130 most famous tourist attractions from across the globe that has been skillfully adjusted within that park’s 48 hectares of area. The 108 meter tall Eiffel Tower dominates the skyline of the park and stands overlooking the Pyramids and the Taj Mahal, all of which are placed in close proximity to one another.

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