The “Parade For Celebration Of The Year Of The Dog” Enlivens The City with Wew Year Happiness

 Monday, February 19, 2018

MGTOThe “Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Dog” was unveiled tonight (18 February) to welcome the blessings of Lunar New Year together with residents and visitors. A range of spectacular highlights are lined up in the event, from the float parade, large-scale performances, fireworks display, float exhibition to a mobile phone game. The Parade was live broadcast by two local TV stations and on LED screens at eight locations to share the happiness of Lunar New Year with spectators around town.


The Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government, Alexis Tam; Director of Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO), Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes; President of Management Committee of Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, José Tavares; President of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mok Ian Ian; President of Sports Bureau, Pun Weng Kun, and Deputy Director of Asia Tourism Exchange Center of China National Tourism Administration, Cui Suxiang, and other guests officiated the launch ceremony to raise the curtain on the Parade at Sai Van Lake Square in front of Macau Tower at 8 p.m.


To celebrate the Year of the Dog, the Parade unfolded the story about a kennel of dogs known as Wong Choi (literally meaning “Fortune” in Chinese) gathering blessings in the past twelve years and all kinds of delicious cuisines, to lay before local residents and visitors like a splendid banquet, conveying best wishes for a fruitful, energetic and flourishing year ahead.


Starting from Sai Van Lake Square, 15 dazzling floats glided along Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen on Macao Peninsula until the destination at Macao Science Center, joined by over 1,000 performers forming a total of 25 local performance groups and nine non-local performance groups from eight countries and regions. Souvenirs were distributed along the route to boost the festive vibes. Hong Kong celebrity host Kitty Yuen, hip hop group Fama and local singer Germano Guilherme brought cheer and liveliness with their sparkling interaction as emcees on the main performance stage at Sai Van Lake Square.


MGTO Director Senna Fernandes revealed that one of the international markets rose to rank among top three in January for the first time. The great news renders the Office a new momentum to develop different tourism products, organize fascinating events and encourage participation among residents. It also inspires the Office to shape a wider spectrum of travel experiences for visitors, towards the SAR Government’s goal to build the city into a world centre of tourism and leisure.


The city has welcomed the arrival of 2018 as the Macao Year of Gastronomy. Several floats were therefore lit up with elements of culinary delights in the Parade. In addition, composed by local talent Sou Io Kuong and its lyrics written by Eagle Chan, the theme song of the Macao Year of Gastronomy – “You can Find it Here” – was sung by Germano Guilherme as a debut alongside MGTO’s float. Hong Kong and Macao singers Jason Chan, Fama, Mag Lam and Vivian Chan gave fascinating performances, followed by a dazzling fireworks display which started at 9:45 p.m. and culminated the night.


Another float parade and finale show with cultural performances will take place at the Northern District on the 9th day of Lunar New Year (24 February). The splendid floats are showcased at the seafront of Macao Science Center from 18 February (10 p.m.) to 24 February (5 p.m.), and following that, will be on display at Tap Seac Square from 24 February (10 p.m.) until 4 March (6 p.m.). Local residents and visitors can enjoy the sight of illuminated floats from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. during the aforementioned periods (time schedule will be adjusted on 18 February, 24 February and 4 March because of the Parade).


Source:- MGTO

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