Russo Ukraine War affects tourism in Turkey

 Thursday, March 3, 2022

The Russo-Ukraine War has been affecting the tourist market in Turkey with experts claiming to suffer from 30% loss in the tourism sector. The Vice President of Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TÜROFED) Bülent Bülbüloğlu told that 30% of Turkey’s tourism will be adversely affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Since these 2 nations make up a large volume of tourists in Turkey, they will have to attract tourists from different regions to compensate for this loss from other countries in Europe.

He said that to make up for the losses, they would have to expand to different regions and markets. The head of All Restaurants and Tourism Association (TÜRES) Ramazan Bingöl, evaluates the impact of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia regarding the tourism, food and beverage sector. He asked Ankara’s Culture and Tourism Ministry to conduct crisis management in light of the recent developments. These sectors have been affected badly since 2016 due to the pandemic.

He said that Russians and Ukrainian tourists are most likely will not be coming this summer. Any prolonged conflict could lower tourist flows to Turkey this summer, assuming Russian and Ukrainian tourist arrivals stay the same as in 2021 or dip a bit. Some 4.7 million Russians and 2.1 million Ukrainians arrived in Turkey last year, according to the Culture and Tourism Ministry data. They accounted for 27.34% of the total 24.7 million foreign tourists that arrived throughout the year. The share jumped from 24.55% in 2020 and 19% in 2019. Turkey’s tourism revenues doubled to almost $25 billion (TL 345 billion) last year but the standoff constitutes risk as the country expects the income to match that of 2019, when it stood at $34.5 billion.

Mr. Ramazan further said that they would not get either Russian or Ukrainian tourists are not coming to this country as tourists in summer. The numbers of Russian and Ukranian tourists claim 4.7 million and 2.1 million respectively according to the data revealed by Turkish Tourism Ministry. These tourists accounted for 27.34% of the total 24.7 million tourists in total. Their revenues doubled to almost $25 billion last year. This standoff has the highest risk to destroy the tourist industry in Turkey as the country hopes to bounce back in the tourist trade.

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