Ladakh inaugurates the first dark sky reserve of the world

 Wednesday, June 22, 2022

At present in India, astro tourism is quite a thriving genre with various activities kept under wraps so far. Hanle in Ladakh is world’s one of the highest-located sites in terms of optical, infrared, and gamma-ray telescopes, has recently greeted the first Dark Sky Reserve in India as a part of Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary. This location is targeting to introduce activities which will set up as well as boost local economy as well as tourism through science.

The UT administration, the Indian Institute of Astrophysics and LAHDC Leh, in social media have mentioned about their presence at the signing of the tripartite MoU. Once declared as the Hanle Dark Sky Reserve, as per the reports, the scientists, the administration and the local council members will together start working towards the conservation of the night sky from unnecessary light pollutants, which is a serious threat to the scientific observations and the conditions of the natural sky and a rising threat to the world.

Why Hanle was selected of all places in the world? The reason is that Hanle is based in the cold desert region of Ladakh, quite distant from any form all disturbances caused by humans and one can find nature in its truest sense. Sky conditions remain clear with dry weather in all through the year in Hanle. This also makes Hanle the right place for it.

For all sorts of observations related to astronomy and sky-gazing, Hanle makes the perfect selection.


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