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 Friday, November 12, 2021 


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has made work from home the ‘new normal’. With travel restrictions and social distancing norms in force around the world, numerous people across the globe has been asked by employers to undertake remote working while staying confined in their own residences. However, every individual who is presently working from home is now largely dependent on digital or virtual mediums to carry forward the work process.

Similarly, as an integral part of the work-from-home model, meetings had to take a digital turn and adapt to fit into the virtual space. The current scenario has compelled the meetings industry to go digital. Various virtual mediums are being used to organise meetings in order to connect and communicate with employees and coworkers. As the face of the meetings industry is changing in light of the coronavirus pandemic, new ideas and innovative models are being considered to enhance the quality of meetings from the comfort of one’s own home.

Perhaps one of the latest technologies introduced to organise meetings from home are the virtual reality meetings spaces. These VR meetings spaces go a step ahead of video conferencing and allow people to present computer generated representatives or virtual avatars of themselves in a prototype virtual reality meeting room. The technology offers a people a better alternative to video calls and allows them to organise advanced meetings amid the unprecedented situation.

The virtual reality meeting spaces enables people to be present at a same virtual space during the meeting. The VR technology allows everyone involved in a particular meeting to express and understand other participants in a much better way. Participants can follow each other’s expression, movements, body language and voice tones through their 3D avatars resulting in better communication during a meeting. People can work together in a real-time virtual environment using interactive whiteboards without the need of travelling. One can also immerse themselves in the simulation of the virtual space and avoid every distraction in their surroundings.

Therefore, VR meeting spaces becomes an ideal technology to experience advanced meetings and teamwork while remaining inside one’s own house. Read on to know about some virtual meeting spaces that can be used to organise advanced meetings from home.


Considered to be one of the best virtual reality meeting spaces available today, MeetinVR aims to connect virtual and physical spaces together. The platform was introduced as a primary meeting and working space of the future. It has different virtual workspaces that can connect businesses and employees from different corners of the globe under one virtual roof. It also provides teams the option of selecting different virtual environments that even includes traditional meeting rooms. The application is also connected to an online portal that allows participants to upload files that can be organised and shared with colleagues. The avatars of this platform are also customizable and provide a real experience. In addition, it is also planning to provide a speech-to-text solution in for, of a virtual smart watch that can enable easy typing options.

Vive Sync

Created by recognised consumer electronics company HTC, the platform is an all-in-one virtual meetings and collaboration solution. It allows companies to create customised avatars for employees, make a private virtual meeting room and organise face-to-face avatar meetings. The platform also offers a suite of interactive 3d meeting tools that can be used to review 3D interactive content in the best possible ways. In light of the coronavirus pandemic and the rise in work-from-home culture, HTC recently announced that the application has been made available in free beta for businesses and remote employees. The application contributes to improve communication and productivity of business meetings from home. It supports nearly 30 participants for one particular meeting. Avatars can be created just by uploading one simple selfie photo.


The universal collaborative platform is ideal for business professionals to organise meetings and work in teams at one single virtual environment from different places across the world. The avatars of the platform are highly expressive and properly represent the gestures and movement of their users. They are also enabled with non-verbal communication as well as voice equipped communication. The platform also has spatial audio to give participants an idea about natural surroundings. It also comes with a special toolkit that has post-it notes, whiteboards and free-hand 3D drawing options, all of which can be used during a meeting session to share ideas and plans.


The application functions as a social-virtual reality space that can be used for meetings, communication, training and educational purposes. It is an enhanced, invite-only, closed virtual space that allows cross-platform connection including Android, PC, MAC and if functional with all major PC VR headsets. Alongside custom avatars and realistic spaces, it also offers a widget board featuring real-life collaboration tools that can be embedded in the virtual space. It also has a shared asset logic that allows teams to collaborate images, videos, 3D objects and other essential material in a rapid way. The meetings of the platform are reloadable allowing individuals to preserve objects and others assets in a virtual space that they can revisit and refer back to later.


Considered to be one of the most visually impressive applications to host meetings in a virtual reality space, vSpatial enables people to work together from anywhere in the world. The application is capable of conjuring virtual displays and allows one to include any Windows 10 application in the VR workroom. The avatars of the platform are extremely expressive and appear close to reality. It also allows the creation of customised team spaces, auditoriums and productivity rooms to suit the required specification of a team and individual. The application also offers unique 3D data visualization or editing facility. Currently, it requires a Windows computer and mainstream tethered VR headsets to function but due to the present working scenario, the team has been working to bring the app to standalone VR headsets.

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