Tourists to splurge $1.24 billion in Northland by 2023

 Wednesday, June 21, 2017

kauri-cliffs-northlandTourism experts have predicted that Northland would be attracting a large number of tourists who are likely to be splurging over $1.24 billion a year by the year 2023. International tourist arrivals are estimated to rise by about 52% during this period of time.


Currently, the region earns a bit more than $1 billion and the entire country over $26 billion.


Over the following six years, the tourist numbers as well as the tourism revenues is expected to increase dramatically. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment estimates are present in the New Zealand Tourism Forecasts for 2017/23.


Paul Davis, the tourism general manager and regional promotions of Northland Inc mentioned that the Chinese tourists’ main destination would continue to be the larger cities despite the fact that they would still be keen to visit Northland. He said that there is an immense potential for Northland from the Chinese market but then their focus needs to be higher independent travellers.


He further added that there are more international markets that are also expected to grow in Northland like South America and India.


This year the estimated tourist earnings for Northland would be around $1.061 billion. And, Kaipara would be raking in $113 million, Whangrei $453 million and the Far North approximately $496 million. Kiwis would be spending the most at $783 million followed by Australians $73 million, US $44 million and the remaining $100 from other destinations.


The international tourism spending in Northland would be increasing from $217 million this year to $329million in 2023.


The ministry has asserted that the global visitor arrivals to New Zealand are estimated to rise from 3.5 million to 4.9 million in 2023. Regional breakdown of the estimates, however, is not available at present.


Within 2023, China is expected to emerge the largest tourism market of New Zealand in terms of tourist spending. It is expected to touch $4.3 billion annually.


Chinese tourists currently end up spending nearly $8 million a year in Northland.




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