Travel advisors are becoming more and more important

 Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A travel advisor in today’s scenario is absolutely importantfor the recovery of the travel industry.

Roger Dow, the U.S. Travel Association President & CEOsaid that he has heard about the expiration of the travel agent the time that he has been in his career. Dow has been in this trade for nearly 50 years, and it has never materialized. He said that he thinks that at the moment, a travel expert is going to be more in demand than ever. It is due to the intricacyinprocedures of airfares among others, and thus the travel agents being experts, people would be looking for anexpert to assist them through the process.”

Normally, majority of the travel agents and consultantsbook international tours for their clienteles. However, more and more travel agents are now planning domestic travel across the U.S. for their customers.

The pandemic brought forthan increase in the U.S. domestic relaxation travel. Thus, many Americans have depended on their consultants to help route where to visit and what to do in the course of the pandemic situation. This made few advisors willing to connect with the U.S. destinations more than they did so in the past.

John De Fries, Hawai’i Tourism Authority President &CEO said that the prospect of travel for the Hawaiian Islands is recovering, going outside sustainability to malama or care for our community.

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