Travel ban and terror attacks are common concerns for global travel industry

 Wednesday, June 21, 2017

global travel industryPresident Trump’s travel ban, terror attacks in Europe and a laptop ban are common concerns for the global travel industry. These are principal reasons for a sharp decline in visitors to and from the United States.


James J. Murren, chairman and chief executive of MGM Resorts, said at an industry conference last week in New York, “When you hear words like ‘travel ban,’ it puts a big chill on travel and tourism.”


Almost 20 percent less people are visiting this summer from the Middle East, the result of President Trump’s travel ban, even though the policy has been blocked by American courts. As of early June, overall advance airline bookings to the United States were down 3.4 percent for this year’s summer travel season compared with the same time last year.


NYC & Company, New York City’s tourism marketing agency, said in early June that it expected a 2.4 percent decline this year in international visitors to the city, which is the top tourist destination for people visiting the United States. However, so far, the worst fears have not been realized.


In June, the U.S. Travel Association predicted only a slight fall in the number of people visiting the United States this year. The number of international passengers at airports serving Orlando, Fla., San Francisco and Las Vegas, three of the country’s top tourism hubs, increased in the early part of 2017. And travelers from North America using Heathrow Airport in London, as well as Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris, were also up, according to traffic counts from those airports.


Even in the last two weeks, as London faced a new attack and Mr. Trump took to Twitter to repeat his support of a travel ban, that didn’t deter the travelers to cancel their plans. Major American carriers plan to increase seat capacity on international routes in the last four months of the year, according to airline analysts at Wolfe Research.

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