Travel leaders agree to perils of mass tourism and other issues

 Monday, November 27, 2017

Mass tourismTravel leaders said that there might be a problem with uncontrolled mass tourism; however, many of them are still doubtful about the real reasons of it becoming such a big issue these days.

U.S. tour operators and travel agents are hopeful that it will be business as usual, or perhaps even better, as the new Cuba restrictions take effect and individual people-to-people visas get sidelined.

As travelers crave more meaningful experiences during their vacations, the question of cruise ship shopping comes up. Cruise operators are trying to figure it out and deliver the kind of retail experience that passengers will respond to.

Although the auto industry sits right beside with its own tricks and trials, executives in both camps are looking to respond to luxury consumers’ shifting priorities with the right balance of brands and packaging.

Even an established tourism city like Washington, D.C. needs new destinations.

Thomas Cook indicated that the problems in the UK were specific to this summer and that overall the business looks pretty promising. However, if the UK economy is hit by any Brexit-related issues in 2018 it could be a similar story or might be worse, next year.

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