Tunnel collapse at North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site, kills more than 200

 Wednesday, November 1, 2017 


tunnelAccording to a Japaneses media after the latest detonation more than 200 people died when a tunnel caved in at the North Korea nuclear test site.


After conducting the sixth and largest underground nuclear test on September 3, a tunnel collapsed at Punggye-ri, quoting an unnamed North Korean source.


The initial collapse had more than 100 workers.


During the rescue operations another cave-in occurred leaving 200 dead mentioned the Japanese broadcaster.



It was reported that the accident was triggered by the test.


There are further warnings by experts that due to the underground tests there might be mountain collapse and radiation leak into the atmosphere near China’s border.


As per the satellite pictures that was taken a day after it was observed that the latest test –the sixth at the site since 2006 had triggered landslides in the detonation area and beyond.


It was revealed in the images published by the 38 North website the surface at the Punggye-ri had undergone changes where the ground was lifted into the air due to tremors. There were small landslides that followed the course of stream beds.



According to the US Geological survey the blast caused 6.3 magnitude earthquake that was followed by another after a few minutes having a magnitude of 4.1.


North said that yield assessed from the test was a hydrogen bomb at 120 kilotons that was eight times the size of Hiroshima in 1945.


However, it was unusual for North Korea to undergo any major accident that involved its nuclear programme.


A spokeswoman at South Korea’s unification ministry, Lee Eugene mentioned that they were aware of the report bud did not know anything about it.


US President Donald Trump’s first presidential visit to South Korea will happen next week where he will be involved in a  war of words  with the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un.



Under the leadership of Kim post his father’s death in 2011,  the country had made significant strides in atomic and missile technology.


During his tenure he saw four of the country’s six nuclear tests and considered atomic weapon  as the ‘treasured sword’ for protection from the invasions by the United States.

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