U.S State Department to roll out new travel warning system by January

 Tuesday, December 12, 2017 





The State Department will implement a tiered system identifying the risk for every country in the world.


During discrete events like the nationwide protests or epidemic outbreaks the current system issues ‘travel alerts’ and ‘travel warnings ‘  issued during conflicts or political instability .




Carl Risch, Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs said that the travel advisors will provide advice to the U.S citizens after following a four-level classification system and suggesting clear actions.



The U.S State Department had  last month issued a travel alert for Europe before the holiday season asking the travellers to take extra precautions while visiting the tourist destinations during Christmas.



The State Department issued another security messure after the announcement of recognition of Jerusalem  ans Isreal’s Capital. It asked to avoid some areas of the city.



However, these lead to a lot of confusion  and the new system is expected to alert the Americans.


Travellers will be asked to ‘exercise normal caution’ for Level one countries and they are considered to be the safest. There will be ‘increased caution’  for level two and level three means that the Americans should ‘reconsider travel’.



‘ Do not Travel’ will be imposed during level four and it is considered to be the highest. Level four advisory does not mean the Americans will be banned from visiting a country but that the State Department thinks that Americans will be at a high risk of terrorism, conflict or crime.




A single country might also carry different warning levels for different regions.



There will be country-specific notification during emergency via the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

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