UK experiencing another freezing cold weather

 Monday, March 27, 2023 


The United Kingdom is handling another freezing cold weather from today, a weather forecaster has warned. The frost is likely to develop overnight across the entire country, delivering wintery January vibes in late March.

Southern parts of England could be facing -3C in the early hours of the day, while some in Scotland could even see -6C, it’s been claimed. But, seeing as we actually are a little bit later into the calendar year, the ice-cold temperatures might not be around all day.

There are some regions in United Kingdom could even reach double figures Celsius by mid to late afternoon, according to British Weather Services’ senior meteorological consultant, Jim Dale. In Scotland, it could reach -5/-6C, and in the south, -1/-2/-3C. It’ll give us a wintry flavour getting up in the morning. The diurnal temperatures will change in the day and it could even get up to 8/9/10C, but that’s the way it works at this time of year – even with a northerly airstream.

The frosty March was likely caused by a southern breeze from the Artic, which pushed a band of snow toward Britain. A larger snow storm was forecast to just miss the UK, however. It’ll be heading over the North Sea from Norway toward the Netherlands and Belgium instead.

Any lingering snow in the Highlands or north of England will likely be starting to dry up by Monday evening, although there could be fresh showers in some parts.

But, Brits could be seeing the back of the cold weather in just a few weeks’ time. Jim previously told that the Easter weekend could culminate in a balmy 20C for most people across the country.

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