UK tourists evading the UAE due to security concerns

 Thursday, February 6, 2020 


Teaching Abroad Direct surveyed 1001 UK residents to find out if they have been put off visiting the UAE as a result of security concerns and threats of war in the Middle East.


47% of UK residents are of the opinion that they would avoid visiting Dubai and the UAE due to safety concerns and threats of war in the Middle East.


Over 65s are the most likely age group to shun the UAE due to security and conflict fears.


25 – 34-year-olds are the least likely to be put off from visiting Dubai and other UAE states.


Almost 50% of women who were surveyed said that they would postpone visiting the region due to concerns.


Due to the heightened tensions in the Middle East and the recent actions of Iran and the US, Teaching Abroad Direct evaluated how these actions might affect UK tourism to Dubai and the UAE as a whole.


Of the 1001 people surveyed, 47% of UK residents said that they have been deferred from visiting Dubai and the UAE due to their security concerns and the heightened threat of war in the Middle East.


If compared to the 1.5 million trips made by British nationals to the UAE, this figure means around 700,000 fewer visits made to the ‘City Of Gold’ and a massive decrease in tourist trade in the Emirates.


Mike Boulon of Teaching Abroad Direct said, “It’s understandable people are worried about the tensions in the region, especially when you consider the levels of threats and potential escalation in the region by both neighboring powers and those overseas. With that in mind and Dubai attracting an average of over 1.5 million trips from British nationals per year, Dubai could be seriously hurt by the threats of conflict and destabilization, both in terms of tourism and when attracting people travelling for work.”


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