Uttarakhand celebrated butterfly festival

 Tuesday, November 2, 2021 


In India, September is observed as the national month of butterflies. Last month, Titli Tyar was conducted for the first time in Uttarakhand to celebrate butterflies. For this knowledge sharing effort on butterflies, many individuals, naturalists, butterfly nurturers, nature educators, eco-resorts and Uttarakhand Tourism came together.

To quote Poonam Chand, Additional Director Uttarakhand Tourism, “It gives me a lot of happiness to see such events taking place in Uttarakhand. Nature based activities like these are a great opportunity for people to connect with nature. My best wishes to Aahana and everyone who took this initiative. There is nothing better than promoting green tourism and focusing on experiences like these.”

At that time, people with their families who were there in Corbett to spend holidays chanced upon this unique festival. To Ayushi Satapathy , a student of class 5 from Delhi, “ I love nature. This is the first time I have come to Corbett with my parents. I loved the butterfly walk. I learned so much. When I will go back, I will share all the knowledge with my friends. I was very surprised to know that butterflies can sense pressure changes in the atmosphere. My favourite is Striped Tiger butterfly,” says Revant Pandey, a student of class 7, Noida Extension explains his excitement, “I had studied about the lifecycle of a butterfly in school but I was not so clear about it. The butterfly walks helped me to understand its four stages like never before. I had no idea that butterfly’s life could be so colorful and interesting. There were so many things to know about their habits, ecosystem, how they thrive on their host plants, where they lay eggs, etc. I am going to look for larva and eggs in my garden too.”

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