VIP Lobbies of US Airlines to get more posh

 Monday, July 10, 2017

United leaked inadvertentlyUnited Airlines opens a snazzy new lobby in Los Angeles for its Global Services members. The new facility appears like a five star hotel lobby and brings more to the passengers at an airport.


It actually matches the grandiose of American Airlines and Delta Air Lines offering to its lucrative customers in Los Angeles.


Designed for big spenders, elite level, Global Services members, who fly 100,000 miles per year and spend around thousands of dollars on airfare. They are subjected to perks like phone reservations line, free first class upgrades and occasional airport transfers in a Mercedes.


Earlier, the high value customers had lofty expectations at the Los Angeles International Airport, where United’s best customers had to go through a typical check in to the security line like everyone else. The Global Services customers likely have a TSA PreCheck and still waited to see an officer for an identification check.


But now the customers in Global Services can go from a new private check in area infront of the PreCheck line.


There is a battle over picking the most lucrative passengers flying for business in premium cabins, among the top three full-service US airlines.


It is noted that few more perks make elite frequent flyers happier apart from being picked in luxury cars. American, Delta,United have been upgrading their business class seats, lounges and chauffeured cars.



However in major cities, there is a stiff competition in making the airport lobbies look more opulent by renovating. American and Delta allow customers flying on the most expensive tickets to use them, United allows only the Global Services members to come in, the best customers are offered access. Some lobbies have the facility for greeters with a name list to check the right person enters.


Ranjan Goswami, a LoS Angeles based vice president of sales for Delta said that the privacy is good and the customer checks in where no one else can.


The customers provide a disproportionate amount of revenue to the airlines and hence the customer demands speed and privacy.


Delta had set up special check-in built a VIP lobby two years back in Los Angeles to serve the high end customer base.


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