World’s first eco-tourism resort producing its own water from air revealed in Africa

 Saturday, January 28, 2023 


Africa will soon get world’s first eco-tourism resort producing its own water autonomously by using Air to Water technology. MASK Architects has revealed design for the project which is dubbed as BAOBAB Luxury Safari Resort.

The project aims to create a sustainable and ecological community in Africa by implementing Air to Water Technology that is powered by transparent solar device covered curtain glass.

“The aim of the project is not only to create a unique luxury residence, but also to seek innovative, sustainable and environmental solutions to the problems based on constructive and restorative project generation processes arising from the geological, climatic and environmental factors in which the project is located,” according to MASK Architects.

The project is currently under development and if everything goes on a plan, the project is expected to be compleetd in 2025-26.

A series of individual thatched-like wooden lodges are distributed into the forest. The design of lodges is inspired and shaped in the form of baobab trees. The lodges feature beachwood exterior styling to create a tropical safari resort development. They will be nestled in the wildlife.

“With this project, our goal is to make the most basic need of water accessible rather than a luxury experience, and to prevent hunger, thirst and the diseases and deaths its cause,” added the studio.

According to the studio, “water sources would not be a luxury reserved for the people; water is the source of life for all people. It is our mission to provide a unique experience to users by blending beautiful, attractive and smart designs with technology and to respond to the needs of users living in the region.”

The project is envisioned to help the local communities in Africa that are remote and secluded from any infrastructure and amenities. With this project the studio wants to help build infrastructure and community, agriculture, manufacturing and water sourcing.

The office believes that this project can build up on the sustainable settlements and help erase all the issues and start building a better future for the locals.

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