Domoina Sarindra Ranaivoson

In an exclusive interaction with Travel And Tour World, Domoina Sarindra Ranaivoson – Head of International Tourism Department in Madagascar shares how World Travel Market London 2023  is crucial for Madagascar Tourism to promote the country.


Travel And Tour World: How are you experiencing the World Travel Market London 2023 so far?


Domoina Sarindra Ranaivoson: We are very excited to participate in the 2023 edition of World Travel Market London, an experience that has brought us immense satisfaction. Engaging in this event has proven to be a fantastic networking opportunity, allowing us to connect with our key markets.


The interactions and collaborations forged during this occasion have been invaluable for our business.


Being a part of this prestigious event has not only enhanced our industry presence but has also provided a platform for meaningful exchanges that contribute significantly to our growth. We look forward to continuing this positive journey at World Travel Market London 2023 and furthering our connections within the travel community.



Travel And Tour World: What marketing strategies does Tourism Department in Madagascar use to attract travellers to your destination?


Domoina Sarindra Ranaivoson: Madagascar actively engages in destination promotion by collaborating closely with the government and international partners.


A key strategy involves orchestrating press trips within Madagascar, providing journalists with first hand experiences to showcase the country’s unique attractions. In addition, the destination employs road shows and online campaigns as effective promotional tools.


These initiatives aim to amplify awareness, drawing attention to Madagascar’s cultural, natural, and adventure offerings. By working in tandem with government entities and international collaborators, Madagascar ensures a comprehensive and strategic approach to destination promotion, fostering a positive image and encouraging tourism.


The combination of press trips, road shows, and online campaigns reflects a dynamic and multifaceted effort to highlight Madagascar’s diverse appeal on the global stage.



Travel And Tour World: What are some of the regions in Madagascar that you would specifically like to promote?


Domoina Sarindra Ranaivoson: As a tourism organisation, our focus is not confined to promoting a particular region but extends to showcasing a diverse array of culture and heritage, emphasizing our pristine 4800km coastline, rich wildlife, and luxurious offerings.


Our promotional efforts transcend geographic boundaries, highlighting the cultural tapestry, natural wonders, and high-end experiences that collectively define our destination. By emphasizing the breadth of our offerings, from cultural immersion to coastal beauty and exclusive luxury products, we strive to captivate and invite travellers to explore the multifaceted allure of our destination.


Travel And Tour World: Which countries do you prioritise for attracting more tourists? Are there specific regions you wish to see increased visitor numbers from?


Domoina Sarindra Ranaivoson: We extend a warm invitation to visitors worldwide to explore Madagascar. In the upcoming years, we particularly anticipate a growth in tourism from Eastern Europe and Central Europe, recognising these regions as key markets.


Alongside our focus on these European markets, we also value and prioritize engagement with our African counterparts.


Embracing diversity, we aim to create a truly global appeal, fostering connections and sharing the unique cultural, natural, and adventurous experiences that Madagascar has to offer. We look forward to welcoming travellers from various corners of the world to discover the enchanting beauty of our destination.


Travel And Tour World: Do you have any sustainability initiatives which promote Madagascar, and if so what are they?


Domoina Sarindra Ranaivoson: While the government spearheads sustainability initiatives, the Tourism Department in Madagascar actively contributes by promoting and implementing these actions.


Collaborating closely with governmental efforts, the Tourism Department takes on a crucial role in advocating and executing sustainable practices within the tourism sector. Their commitment involves raising awareness, fostering responsible tourism, and ensuring that environmental and cultural conservation measures are integrated into the promotion and development of Madagascar as a tourist destination.


This collaborative approach underscores a shared responsibility in advancing sustainable practices, aligning both governmental and departmental efforts for the long-term benefit of Madagascar’s natural and cultural resources.




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