Julian Ruiz

In an exclusive interview with our editor-in-chief at TIS-Tourism Innovation Summit, Julian Ruiz, Senior Sales Developer, unBlock shares his experiences and opinions with Travel and Tour World about his plans to implement and contribute to the development of the travel industry.

TIS 2022: Exclusive Interview of Interview with Julian Ruiz, Senior Sales Developer, unBlock



unBlock offers its users digital and unified tourist experience throughout the city and in any public or private space.

Tourism Innovation Summit 2022 is the global summit of technology and innovation dedicated to the travel and tourism industry. This travel technology event has celebrated its third edition in Seville (Spain) and has brought together international consultancy firms in the tourism, hospitality and travel technology sectors to analyse the major trends that are transforming the tourism and its allied sector.

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Travel And Tour World: This is perhaps the event’s most innovative product. With one application you can over around the city, get into the bus and also pay with the same app. Please explain our viewers briefly about unblock.

Julian Ruiz: We are trying to develop a different application which intends to give different experience to users when they move to a different city. It is a unique and first-of-its-kind platform. We are offering a different experience to the user wherever in the city depending on the personalized interest of the user. It s anew channel, a new tool to communicate with people who are in different spots. We join all kinds of service not only for tourists but also for hospitality, events, transfers and everything.


Travel And Tour World: Your product is available in other cities in Spain? Do you want to expand unblock in other cities?

Julian Ruiz: Our products are available in other countries like Columbia and we have plan for 2023 to go abroad. We are also making contacts with countries like Dubai, Panama, Portugal, Scandinavia the UK and other European cities.


Travel And Tour World: How many people in Spain have downloaded the app of unBlock and are using it regularly? How many are active?

Julian Ruiz: If we don’t give useful tools, they don’t use it. We started it on the 4th of October and just in 10 days we got 10 thousand people.


Travel And Tour World: In terms of numbers this is good. So are you unblocking opportunities for tourists and residents to your country?

Julian Ruiz: We want to do this not just in our country but globally. You work much better when you can travel everywhere. Whether you are a tourist or a resident it doesn’t matter. You can use the same app in the same way. Instead of using many apps you can use one.



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