Matt Pearce

Apratim Ghoshal, Editor, Travel And Tour World, interacts at AIME 2019 with Matt Pearce, CEO Talk2Media & Events. He highlights how AIME has changed its vision and is focused more on right buyers and exhibitors.

Travel And Tour World – What is the main idea behind this new concept for AIME 2019?

Matt Pearce: We made AIME simple. We end all the complicated things to make it easy and accessible. We changed its structure and vision. The audience is responding. We drive to make the number of right meetings and knowledge based hosted buyer programmes. This will make them happy. We focus more on networking that gives different views and thoughts through discussion.



Travel And Tour World: What are the challenges you faced while you were planning for this new AIME?

Matt Pearce: We anticipated most of the challenges and we faced that. Most we faced is its legacy. People know its legacy. We breakthrough that legacy. First, we understood the journey and what people want most. We proved that we are on right track because of the trust. Trust is the main thing for this that we earned.




Travel And Tour World: According to you, what make these exhibitors happy? What feedback you are getting?

Matt Pearce: We have the right number of hosted buyers. We like the criticism and feedback. We listened the feedback from buyers and exhibitors before the show. Later, we made the changes and applied it on AIME 2019. This was important for us.


Travel And Tour World – Tell us about your AIME mobile application. What was the main objective behind this app?

Matt Pearce: AIME has launched its mobile application three years ago, nobody has downloaded the application. So that, we tried hard to drive everything through this application. We learnt many things from the different approaches of exhibitors and buyers. With that, we refurbished our application in a secured way, making it simple and easy to use. We want to drive everything though this app because it has a sustainability point of view also. It is very easy to get details by giving only your contact mail id. We want successive approaches from the visitors also.


Travel And Tour World – What are the markets you are targeting?

Matt Pearce: We target the markets where business is flourishing. We focus on the countries with good GDP. We get new opportunities. We took India as example, for incentive and corporate travel. MICE and Corporate travel in India and China is flourishing high. We got more than 350 buyers, out of which 10% are coming from India. We are on right track. There are so many associations and organisations which are coming from India at our AIME.



Travel And Tour World – Do you host any other travel related show?

Matt Pearce: No. It is the only travel related show. We have new shows on wine and fitness.


Travel And Tour World – Do you feel any pressure while conducting the MICE Events or business events?

Matt Pearce: In the business event industry, we feel the pressure.It is because lots of people we know before the show started. There is always a pressure.



Travel And Tour World – You must be having a different kind of professionals in your team, who can understand the events, conventions and meetings who can incorporate their ideas. Can you tell me on that.

Matt Pearce: We got Jay Marten, Bernadette Panton , Hosted Buyer Manager and lots of professionals are working to make the event successful.They are experienced in organising events. They are all accepting well the challenges nicely and organising the events.


Travel And Tour World – If I ask you one particular department you personally monitor all the time as you are the CEO of Talk2 Media & Events, which is that?

Matt Pearce: I personally look on the hosted buyer programmes. This is one of the most important part of the event. It will make our event successful from business point of view. It will give a good outcome.