Ray Bloom

Ray Bloom, the Chairman and founder of the IMEX Group shares his insights in an exclusive interaction with Doug Puppel, Travel And Tour World Correspondent from Las Vegas, at IMEX America 2023.

Ray Bloom, Chairman of IMEX, reflects on the pinnacle of their latest event – the most triumphant show in their history. As the curtains close, Bloom revels in the success, marking a milestone for IMEX. The event’s triumph speaks volumes about the dedication and innovation of the team, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Watch the interview now.

With record-breaking achievements, this edition stands as a testament to IMEX’s commitment to excellence, setting a high bar for future endeavors in the dynamic world of exhibitions and meetings.

Travel And Tour World: Ray Bloom, Chairman of IMEX, congratulations on the remarkable success of IMEX America. Can you share the factors behind achieving these record-breaking milestones?

Ray Bloom: I think it revolves around more than one reason. First of all, you’re talking about the global recovery of the business events market, particularly here in North America, which has undoubtedly been to recover.  Then you’re looking at recovery again globally as well, which is also taking place. The other reason is that we create business opportunities for our exhibitors. The hosted buyer program. This year, a record number of over 4000, making about 80,000 appointments. This is prearranged appointment.

Plus all the walk ons means the exhibitors are getting really the opportunity to do business that is the driver for the show. Everything else spins off that with all the education, all the other sessions, fundraising for the foundations. And it’s driven by the business opportunities that are created, particularly by the hosted buyer program. Watch the interview now.

Travel And Tour World: How big could this prestigious travel event grow?

Ray Bloom: We always take it a year at a time. And all we ever focus on is focusing on making the show that we are organizing at that time as successful as we can.

We don’t predict forward at this moment. All we want to do is we finish the show. Now it’s gone very successfully. We will debrief it and look at how we can improve it next year.


Travel And Tour World: You mentioned that you were impressed by the high quality of the attendees. Can you briefly share with us?

Ray Bloom: Yes, I can. The reason that the quality is so high is because of the way that we generate the hosted buyers. We work with the industry. We call them intermediaries. It includes an enormous number of buyers who are generated by the hotel groups and others.

And if you look at the hotels, they are bringing in their clients to the show. Some of them are new prospects, the vast majority of their clients. So they’re really underwritten, and that’s what drives the quality.

Plus, of course, the scale of the exhibits and the spread of the exhibitors who are here is a great attraction for buyers to attend.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority chose IMEX America to roll out its new campaign to the events industry. And they say that event planners should embrace the excitement of Las Vegas.


Travel And Tour World: IMEX America has been here over a decade. How important is that excitement to a success?


Ray Bloom: I think being here in Vegas has been a serious and major contributor to the success. Because people want to be in Vegas. And there’s no doubt about it, our exhibitors enjoy it, the buyers enjoy it. And being here in Vegas is one of the key reasons why we’re so successful.

Thank you.

Watch the full interview now.





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