African Airlines are ready to enter into the post-COVID-19 tourism business

 Wednesday, March 16, 2022


The International Air Transport Association, predicts a firm path to resumption of global air travel, with passenger numbers expected to surpass the 2019 peak in 2024 as the various African airlines are planning to operate in a post pandemic world where tourism is starting to resume across the world. The IATA predicts that after the resumption of global air travel the passenger numbers expected to surpass the 2019 peak in 2024.

Various global airlines has posted that they had a strong performance in the beginning of 2022. Travels to Europe lead the pack and Africa’s fortunes are also looking up. But the sudden spike in global fuel prices means airlines will lose more than $11 billion according to the IATA projections. Now the aircraft companies are purchasing aircrafts, hiring new personnel. They are also adjusting schedules to shift capacity to markets that are opening up faster and cutting back or putting on hold planned route launches to restricted destinations.

The IATA observers that passenger traffic is bouncing past the pre-pandemic levels, to reach 4 million travelers in 2024. This figure is 3% higher than the last peak achieved in 2019. The airline lobby’s optimism is shared by Airbus and Boeing. They are the the world’s major commercial aircraft manufacturers, and sticking to their planned production rate increases.

The traffic of African airlines rose 17.9%. This was lower than the 26.3 percent annual increase recorded in December 2021. The region’s airlines boosted capacity by 6.3 % over the period while the load factor improved by 6 % reach to 60.5 %.

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