African MICE tourism strategies on the current state & future prospects

 Monday, August 8, 2022 


Africa has always been a captivating tourist destination due to its wealth of natural resources, landscapes, rich history and delectable gastronomy.

With incredible potential, the continent is gradually emerging as an ideal destination for travellers as well as leisure seekers.

When business and MICE tourism is added to this mix, an industry will develop and grow in the post recovery phase.

According to various esteemed experts and analysts, the African business travel and MICE tourism sectors are suspended for a return and things have already been set in motion.

It is anticipated that in the future years that African business travel will expand even more, making it a potentially lucrative investment.

Travelling to Africa can be a totally unique experience together with foreign business delegation and regional stakeholders.

MICE tourism industry scene in Africa

From the pre-pandemic phase there has been positive developments within the MICE tourism sector of Africa from the most sought after destinations and developing economies.

To help with further developments, a partnership between the private and governmental organisations had been previously formed. They navigated critical impacts, risks and challenges for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) assistance alongside New Partnership.

To drive further growth, representative countries like Uganda, South Africa, Rwanda and Kenya had been bracing to use MICE tourism.

However, the state of the MICE sector and the respective GDP growth rates faced pitfalls during the pandemic.
Earlier, due to the slow rise in economy and sector recovery with the experiences and insights of experts, the previous aspirations slowly began reforming post-pandemic.

The current tourism scene of Africa is towards recovery due to the global pandemic.

The African MICE tourism is a cumulative industry which is swelling. It can become one of the world’s largest revenue earners in the future years if sustainable development and strategies can be appropriately met.

The dashboard of the African Development Agency (AUDA)- New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NAPAD) Agenda displays the aspirational goals of all the African countries. South Africa’s targeted goals seem to have an overall score of 25% compared to Africa’s over score of 33% as continent.

However, according to the statistics of the WTTC, South Africa’s travel and tourism GDP will likely estimate to nearly 7.6% which will help boost the country’s economy in a slow but positive direction.

Different industries will, be benefitted from this growth including travel, hospitality and leisure. There are still various challenges that the African tourism need to address.

Improvement of infrastructure, safety standards for visitors and better marketing and promotional strategies are some of the challenges that need to be attended.

Governments need to look into this opportunity and formulate policies that will support the country’s economic growth and tourism overall.

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