Buñol without the tomatoes: In case the pulp doesn’t suit you!

 Monday, August 29, 2022 



Apart from La Tomatina, the city has pretty much more to offer the tourists. This festival organised in honour of the town’s patron saints, Luis Bertran and the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats (Mother of God of the Defenseless), the Virgin Mary has many layers than what it appears to be.

This fiesta that began from a ruckus in the street is celebrated today. The once small dispute in the streets over a vegetable stall is now celebrated by the global youth. However, the city Buñol has many more to offer than just some ‘nomads dirtying themselves in tomato’ festivals.

Travel And Tour World grabs the opportunity to talk about them.

Charco Mañán

Often counted among the trekking route from the city connecting Turche cave, Charco Mañán is considered one of the best locations for hikers. The spectacular green water that gets pierced with a waterfall like a knife is an abode of peace for many. The location is just 2 km away from Castillo de Buñol.

Turche cave

Located at a very short distance of just 42 km from Valencia City, the ‘Cueva Turche’ is one of the major tourist spots that should be visited. The river Juanes is the spirit of the place. A hill that sank within the water has created a magical space. The hole between the river communicates with the world. The hill is composed of limestone. The bedrock is about 70 million years old and the latter part is like 30 million old. After the rainy seasons, the waterfall becomes spectacular. The area has a picnic spot; just the right place for relaxation.

Cueva de las Paloma

Literally, the term translates to ‘Cave of Doves’. It is a small beach that separates the beach of Calarreona from the Matalentisco. It is a small curving beach that is nestled on the eastern side of the headland. The coastline is 28 kilometres. The coastline runs down from the Almeria border and is basically a rocky wild cove. The beach is however very cutely sized. It is only 60 metres long and 10 meters wide. The beach is a small opening just appropriate for a single-family barbecue party. Maybe, to bless the citizens the beach is very rarely populated.  

 Castillo de Buñol

The medieval castle has more glamour than any local bar would. After all, Buñol is a historic place. The well-preserved old town has created spaces for the history enthusiast and the casual traveller. Castillo de Buñol has been built in the 11th and 12th centuries before being reformed in the 15th century. he castle has scars to boast about as well. It was conquered in the 15th century by the Christians. The signs of the conquer are available in the fortress. The extraordinarily preserved fortress is among the very few fortresses which have inhabited rooms.

The suggestions do not stop here, instead, these are designed just to intrigue the interested people. However, for La Tomatina couple of recommendations are put below.

Check them out and then go for absolute delightful vacations! Gozar!


▪ Have equipment and personal belongings under control at all times.

▪  Clothing and footwear as comfortable as possible.

▪ Drink plenty of water and protect yourself from the sun.

▪ Respect the signs prohibiting parking.

▪ If driving with a vehicle, be extremely careful, due to the number of pedestrians.

▪ In case of emergency, go out through the nearest street, following the instructions of security personnel.

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