Common travel disasters and ways to prevent them

 Tuesday, March 6, 2018 




disasterTravellers mainly like to focus on the positive, memorable aspects of travelling. Everyone, whether passionate about travelling or not, love to share stories about their good travel experience.




But travelling and travelling disasters, mostly go hand in hand. Sometimes, even the most experienced traveller can experience some kind of travel disaster, in spite of being utterly careful. Hence, in order to increase the chances of a smooth and safe travelling, in no particular order, find below a few common travel disasters and ideas of how to prevent them –





Whether stolen or lost, this is one of the worst and most common travel disaster of them all. It is the traveller’s worst nightmare to lose their passport, especially on a foreign soil as it is the only proof one has of being a legal citizen of their respective nation of origin.



passportThe only key to this is to act immediately. Firstly, contact police and then look for the closest embassy to you and apply for an emergency passport, which valid for a limited period of time. No matter in which country one is, in order to create an emergency passport, one will require – a passport-size photo, a photo ID, a proof of one’s country’s citizenship (such as a copy of one’s birth certificate or missing passport) and travel itinerary (airline or train tickets, etc.)



It is always strongly recommended to keep a hard and soft copy of the passport while travelling.





One of the most common and frustrating travel disaster is of the airline losing your luggage. When and if this happens the first and foremost thing one should do is file a claim with your airline and also do the same with the travel insurance provider. It is always safe and smart to keep an extra pair of undergarments and a piece of an outfit in the carry-on bag. It is strongly advisable to keep all the important documents, credit/debit cards, cash, etc in the carry-on bag. Having a few snaps of the luggage also comes in handy in case of it being lost.





flightIt is really easy to avoid missing a flight by doing the following things – Keeping a backup alarm on the alarm clock, phone, computer, watch, etc. Or even a wakeup call, leave early enough to not miss it.



Even after being utterly careful, if one misses their flight, they should immediately contact the counter person for booking another flight. It is also advisable to have a travel insurance done before hand, which can come in handy in such a situation and would help you cover up the charge of a missed flight.



disasterThere is no way one can avoid or prevent a natural disaster from occurring. But there are ways to be prepared for one.


One can always buy a travel insurance that includes medical coverage during travelling. It would help them cover any financial losses incurred because of a natural disaster. In case of a natural disaster, one can always dial up the state emergency assistance number of their respective country.




Travellers should always remain calm and patient. They should try to contact their families and friends and should always have important numbers written on a note book or on paper-chits as a backup. In case one is injured or ill, they should immediately contact a health care provider, visit a local doctor or even a hospital. One should always carry a small medical kit/box along with them, for such situations.



Probability of such travelling disasters happening to one are none but just in case if any does happen, then like they say – “Prevention is better than cure.” It is always better to be prepared for the worst while expecting the best.

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