Meetings: How to create engagement in hybrid events

 Monday, December 27, 2021 


Hybrid events in the meetings industry deliver broader audiences who are seeing and listening. Here the engagement is the basic epicentre to keep the audience in the event. This is one of the major roles of any event planner. It is also known as the success of any event planner.   

To keep engaged, the event planner needs to follow some of the basic steps.

Setting expectation

The meeting attendees can be confused about what to expect from a hybrid event. If you want your in-person attendees to enjoy the event to the fullest, you have to take some steps to engage the attendees. Engage all of your audience with an animated video or a film that walks them through the event and explains what their hybrid experience will look like. Here you can also host a pre-event session to help all of your attendees to navigate through the lounges, networking rooms, polls, Q&A, activity feed, and more.

Event Agenda into Videos

It is better, if you show your event agenda or why you are doing this event into video format. It is easier to under understand to your delegates and the attendees. The video agendas outline each of your session’s purpose, duration, date, and time. They help all the attendees to get clarity about what their time at the event may look like.

The best way to get your attendees to pay attention to this crucial information is through short-form video content, 30-45 seconds each that explains your agenda. You can capture the user’s attention by drilling a hook in the first 3 seconds of your video. By doing this, you can intrigue and excite our audiences about your event agenda.

Power of Pop-Ups

The pop-ups are a great engagement idea for virtual attendees. Use the main stage of the virtual event to explore the power of pop-ups. You can use a pop-up only after an attendee has been on your event platform for more than 60 seconds. Don’t use pop-ups to sell anything. Use them to invite attendees to participate in a contest, networking lounge, a sponsor’s demo session, or more. This will make all the attendees to show interest in the virtual event.

Magic Corner

Here sending sponsors home happy is every event planner’s dream. A dedicated sponsors’ corner at the physical venue can help you realise this dream. This corner can be built as networking for the specific industry in lounge, a chat room, or for live streaming from the event venue onto the hybrid event platform. Here you can gamify product demos, organize a workshop, use AR/VR to unveil products, and so much more. By developing this space on your virtual event platform, you can not only deliver great engagement for your sponsors and exhibitors but also earn event revenue.

Sending Live Updates

Sending live events to all the attendees’ mobile applications where your in-person attendees can log in is a must for hybrid events.  The opportunities that result from a mobile app are endless – running contests, virtual booths, polls, Q&A, networking activities, and more.

Live stream speaker interviews

Interacting with a speaker backstage or after the session in person is common practice for attendees. The host a special speaker interview for virtual attendees and allow for Q&A. By doing so, both in-person and virtual attendees can experience exclusive interaction with the speakers.

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