Exploring off-the-beaten-path Qatar

 Saturday, February 18, 2023 



Qatar, which is well-known for its incredible hospitality and cultural legacy, should be on every traveller’s holiday wish list.

Qatar is poised to become the next major tourist destination, nestled on the banks of the glittering Persian Gulf and featuring impressive skyscrapers and contemporary architecture. It is nothing short of a pleasure for travellers and thrives within the Qatar Peninsula’s aesthetic area, close to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Of the much renowned nation, here are some of our top picks of lesser-known spots of Qatar.

Doha Desert
The Qatari desert’s undulating sand dunes is a picture of stark beauty and is thus, a much-loved location for a leisurely safari. The Doha Desert is largely untapped and filled with unending thrills and fun. Its enormous stretch of sand desert is the most beautiful and gorgeous place on earth. You will undoubtedly be in awe of this magnificent landscape’s sheer majesty and immensity. Take part in an exciting desert adventure and visit the area. Before you start this heart-pounding sport, don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt!

Fuwairit Beach
Jebel Fuwairit Beach in Qatar is a stunningly beautiful beach, replete with glistening white sand, dolphins, and steep cliffs. Although Jebal in Arabic refers to a mountain, Jebel Fuwairit is actually a small rocky hill. This untapped gem has ridges, little fissures, and a cliff which is overhanging and split into rocks dotting the shore as a result of erosion. It is a popular destination for local rock climbers and has stunning rock formations as well as shallow water. One of the rare locations in all of Qatar that rises significantly is here.

Zekreet Beach
This beach, also known as Ras Abrouq Beach or Bir Zekreet, is in fact a secret haven for kitesurfers. One of Qatar’s most isolated beaches, the Zekreet Beach is calmer than others but by no means remote. Zekreet Beach itself has stunning views and a big inlet with shallow water, which makes it a popular site for kiteboarding. Along with flocks of migratory birds, the beach provides a rare opportunity to see indigenous species such as oryxes, ostriches, gazelles, and flamingos.

Museum of Islamic Arts
This architectural masterpiece is a perfect blend of the ancient Islamic architecture with uniquely contemporary designs with geometric patterns. Step into MIA to discover art from over three continents, over 1,400 years. It is the first exhibit of its sort in the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, showcasing works from more than 14 centuries of Islamic art. Masterworks from all over the world exemplify the diversity found in Islamic tradition, and the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) is home to one of the world’s largest collections of Islamic art.

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