Great Britain saw 3% rise in rail passenger journeys, 6 % increase in total passenger revenue

 Friday, June 14, 2019

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) published Passenger Rail Usage 2018-19 Q4 Statistical Release that reveled 1.759 billion rail passenger journey during the financial year. This was up 51 million as compared to 2017-18.


In 2018-19 the number of rail passenger journeys in Great Britain went up by 3% showing a record high.The total passenger revenue rose by 6% which was more than £10bn.



There was a drop of 1.4% in passenger journeys in 2017-18 which as per the ORR was the largest decrease recorded since 1993-94.



After falling for two consecutive year the number of rail passenger journeys in the London and South East sector was up by 3.9%.



In 2018-19 the number of passenger kilometers also increased, London and South East showed the highest growth. £10.3bn was the total passenger revenue reached in 2018-19 and as per the ORR the annual revenue growth of 6.1% was highest since 2014-15.



This was driven by a 7.0 % rise in the London and South East sector that contributes half of the revenue and reached a record high of £5.1bn.



As compared to last year passenger journeys using ordinary tickets increased by 5.0% in 2018-19.



There was a 6.9% growth in anytime tickets while the number of passenger journeys made using season ticket was down for the third consecutive year.



In 2018-19 the market share of season ticket journeys was 36% which was down a quarter from a decade ago( 48%).

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