Haunted sagas of European castles

 Wednesday, January 4, 2023 


Castles have a lot of history attached to them and it comes as no wonder that there have numerous eyewitnesses, reports and sightings of paranormal activities at these places! Unexplained as they are, these castles have witnessed generations go by and thus are crammed with events tragic, unfinished, of betrayal and alike and the apparitions they have engendered. So pack your bags and explore for yourself the mysticism of classic European architecture, pristine locales, and of course, if the rumours are genuine or not!

Bran Castle, Romania
Ghost-hunters from all over the world travel to Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania, each year in an attempt to spot the paranormal. Bran Castle is reputed to be one of the most haunted castles in the world. Due to its historical ties to Vlad “the Impaler” Tepes, a brutally murderous ruler, the castle is even more famously, or rather infamously, known as Dracula’s Castle. The terrific yet terrifying Bran Castle is perched atop a steep cliff and offers breathtaking vistas. So pack your bags and find out for yourself if the rumours are genuine or not!

Renaissance Château d’Ancy-le-Franc, France
The Renaissance Château d’Ancy-le-Franc in France is remarkable for its incredible collection of mural paintings and offers centuries of dramatic history. This majestic château , which is nestled in Burgundy, is regarded as a masterpiece of architecture. It was also the final resting place of Diane de Poitiers, the renowned mistress of Henry II of France in the 16th century; local lore holds that her spirit is still rummaging around its several rooms.

Windsor Castle, England
One of the oldest castles still in use in the world, Windsor Castle is situated in the quaint town of Windsor, in Berkshire, England, just west of London. The royal house was constructed in the 11th century and lived through the English Civil War and two World Wars. Almost a thousand years old, Windsor Castle is said to be one of the most spooky locations in England. At Windsor, numerous ghost sightings have been claimed, including the ghost of Henry VIII.

Frankenstein Castle, Germany
Frankenstein Castle, a hilltop ruin outside of Darmstadt, is thought to have served as Mary Shelley’s model for her novel Frankenstein. It’s reported that Frankenstein Castle is spooky. Although the location has always been surrounded by tales and legends, it formerly served as a typical German castle. The castle ruins, which are hidden in the Odenwald mountains, provide breathtaking views of the Rhine river and are surrounded by mysterious, dark forests and small valleys. Frankenstein Castle is the subject of many myths and folktales, many of which have impacted the local way of life.

Leap Castle, Ireland
Ireland’s Leap Castle, frequently referred to as the most haunted place on earth, is the scene of frequent paranormal activity. The notoriously brutal O’Carroll clan took control of it in the late 15th century, and its deadly heritage was born. The Irish castle was handed down through the ages, bearing witness to numerous crimes.

The startling events that have occurred there are all the result of retaliation, rivalry, and power. Behind a chapel wall, labourers performing restorations in the 1900s discovered an oubliette (subterranean dungeon). At the bottom of the shaft, much to their horror, were numerous human skeletons. Unsurprisingly, paranormal investigations have been conducted given the widespread belief that ghosts roam the hallways.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia
Predjama Castle is a Renaissance-style fortress that was constructed inside a limestone cave in the middle of a towering cliff, Predjama, in the southern region of Slovenia. Early in the 13th century, Erasmus of Lueg, a legendary knight, erected it. You can come upon vertical underground passageways that lead to the 25-metre-high exit. Erasmus was able to carry out his robberies and covertly bring food into the castle during a siege. In the Gothic era, it was also known for its use of torture and betrayal. This magnificent castle in Europe is one of the spookiest castles that will leave you speechless.

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