One killed and ten injured in Netherlands tornado

 Tuesday, June 28, 2022 



A rare tornado killed one person and injured at least ten people in Zierikzee. The tornado hit the town on Monday afternoon. Such a tornado in this area is fairly uncommon. Zeeland safety region had to implement a rescue team immediately. Many believe this might impact the tourism of the country.

Immediately, Zeeland officials installed one ‘huge deployment of emergency services. A ship was sailing near the coastal area when the tornado hit, as a result, the ship struggled more. The tornado caused significant amounts of property damage and also ripped off thousands of homes.

Weeronline meteorological service has stated the tornado to be a weak one. Netherland faces two or three such tornado’s each year.

Zeeland provincial authorities have stated that the tornado has killed 1 person for sure. There is also confirmed news of 10 people being injured in some way or the other. They also stated that emergency services are still assessing the impact on the local and provincial areas.

In the year 1967, a tornado near Deil killed at least 7 people. People who have experienced that tornado are reminded of it now. The year 1992 also saw another tornado near Ameland. That one has also killed one person and left five people injured.

Tornados in New Zeeland are not a very common affair. Hence, neither the domestic nor the official infrastructure was ready to deal with the problem on an immediate basis. But, when they do hit, they turn out to be fatal.  

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