The minister confirms that Iran is a safe destination to travel

 Monday, January 31, 2022 


On Saturday, the tourism minister of Iran, Ezzatollah Zarghami, said that his country is a fairly safe and a gorgeous destination for international travellers.

To quote him, “Foreign tourists should be aware that Iran has the beautiful and safest places for tourism, but negative propaganda by Western media has tainted their minds, whereas those who come here change their view.”

On Saturday, he remarked this on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the 15th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition.

“There is no doubt that the ancient country offers the best opportunities in everything related to tourism”, Zarghami noted.

In 2022, people appear are likely to travel because of the current state of COVID compared to 2021, he said.

He observed that the provinces of Iran should get all geared up for a tourism boost during the Noruz holidays (Iranian New Year) in the coming two months.

The deputy tourism minister of Iran, Ali Darabi last week declared that the government should get fully prepared to experience a rise of a possible tourism tsunami when COVID-restrictions are called off.

As vaccination becomes a priority, travel and tourism will increase worldwide, the official added.

Tourism and the economy of the world took a huge hit As a result of this virus outbreak with millions losing their lives, he explained.

Also, it has taught us that we need to become accustomed, change quickly, analyze and react to a rapidly changing world, he mentioned.

An official with the Iranian tourism ministry earlier in the month of January announced that the tourism industry has suffered $233m losses due to restrictions over the past two years.

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