The Shining Gem of Idaho

 Saturday, July 16, 2022 


Boise, the capital city of Idaho, is both wild and urban. The city draws in crowds for its artistic, vibrant, clean, and lively ambience. Situated amid hundreds of trees and just steps away from mountains, the city appeals to all for its unique charm. A rough sketching it is to make sure that no important point within the walking distance is missed out for the first-time traveler. It is wise to begin the day early to cover the maximum of the magic. Although that might be a real struggle after late night partying!

Walking through Boise

For a foreigner choosing to walk in the city, the options are never exhausted.

Capital City Market

Distance from Boise airport to Capital City Public Market is 3.9 miles. That auspicious moment in the morning to suddenly register the morning in Boise is a happiness that keeps travelers run.

Morning can begin taking breakfast at the Capital City Public Market. The market began with a couple vendors installing their temporary shops in early 90s. The market is not only an amazing hub for fresh fruits and vegetables but is also famous for artisanal products.

Anne Frank Memorial

After a cool breakfast, it is time to explore the city. That amazing feeling hits best when one has undisturbed exploration to do in a place like Idaho. Sometimes an unknown place shares a known history. Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is the place that works as the catalyser.  It is a memorial for Anne Frank that has over 60 quotes by her. One can get the chance to meet with the familiar faces and people. When people like Einstein, Roosevelt and Martin Luther king Jr. were welcome in Idaho. It becomes hard to consider oneself as an outsider.

Try vegan food

Lunch at luxury hotels are a common thing. Normal food can be found anywhere but vegan food often becomes scarcity. Idaho offers various vegan restaurants catering cusines belonging different countries. Food from Indian, Italian, American and Spanish kitchens are available in the city. Vegan choices need not be restricted to a handful of recipes here.

Camel’s Back Park is an exceptional choice for chilling after a delicious lunch. It is a small nook at the top of the hills where green pastures meet with the blue skies. The skyline adorned with the light west American breeze is refreshment for the core of the heart. The place is an opportunity to develop a deep relationship with the city. Nicknamed ‘hump’, it is a popular picnic area for the local people as well. One might find a very good friend here.  

The Niagara of the West and others are waiting

Idaho is one of those places where it’s possible to have a quiet life still stay connected with the busy city scape. With its amazing geographical location and historical heritage, it is an amazing place for the tourists to find solace. Waiting and walking at the same time becomes reality in Idaho.

The essence of nature and multicultural presence can be found all over the place. It is not something that can be planned thoroughly. Idaho is filled with wonder lands. The Shoshone Falls, popularly called the Niagara of the West, reflects the mood of the travellers as it reflects the sunlight. In the setting sunlight, it smiles at the travellers with its full glory.

After that the Snake River waits with all its splendour. Contrary to popular believe the Snake River does not actually have any snakes. it shapes like a snake. The shape also reminds of a Native American hand symbol. A popular believe states that this shape might be reason for the name. The canyon is about 500 ft deep. The exotic blue river along with the green vegetation makes it one those virgin areas which have the capacity to soak away all the stress and depression of life. 

Things to take home

Deciding what to take home and what not, is indeed tough. The experience of great taste from the food stalls, the materials bought from the markets, and the pebbles collected from the river bank are enough to keep the memories locked forever. One can choose to stay in the city all day and explore the heritage sites or can take day trips to relax under the evergreen trees. Sometimes leaving parts of oneself is a necessity to stay connected.

The memories of greenery, buildings, scriptures, sculptures and deliciousness of the cuisine make one crave for Idaho. The struggles of life make leisure travel a difficult choice but once succeeded leaving the place becomes tougher. Idaho is waiting for all of us and especially for those who are working day and night chasing dreams. 

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