Volunteer Tourism: Travelling for a good cause

 Thursday, October 21, 2021 


Volunteer Tourism

Volunteer tourism, also known as volunteerism, is one of the contemporary forms of tourism that has become an increasingly popular travel trend over the past few years. It is a kind of tourism that involves travelling for a noble cause while contributing to the good of the society.

What is Volunteer Tourism?

Volunteerism is a type of tourism where an individual undertakes voluntary work while travelling. Volunteer tourists usually travel to underdeveloped or developing countries and works towards helping the ones in need on that particular destination. Travellers mostly deal with poverty, poor healthcare facility, educational problems as well as societal and community issues in the places they visit.

Volunteer tourists travel to perform the act of social responsibility and also get a chance to experience a working holiday. Travellers looking for meaningful experiences while travelling often take up such projects. They invest their time and use their skills to contribute to a good cause. Volunteerism gives travellers the chance to help people in the places they visit.

Types of Volunteer Tourism

Volunteer tourism falls under the umbrella of ‘niche tourism’, as per experts. However, several scholars and researches have argued that it stands in the broader macro niche market due to the wide array of opportunities it offers. There are several categories of volunteer tourism that can be undertaken by modern day travellers to contribute to the good of the society they visit like Community Service, Philanthropy, Service Learning, Nature Conservation, Animal Conservation and Waste Minimalism

Benefits of Volunteer Tourism

Volunteer tourism gives people the chance to contribute to the greater good of society and community and provides tourists the chance to work while travelling. It helps travellers to enhance and develop their cultural understandings and brings together social and community issues in underdeveloped destinations to light. It also helps to sustain local economy and can even connect local community to the world.

With proper research and execution, volunteerism holds a large scope and beneficial opportunities for the future. It is also a great way to blend tourism and volunteering and facilitate travelling while contributing to a good cause.

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