WTM 2023: Exclusive Interview with Anasha Campbell, Tourism Minister, Nicaragua Tourism

Tuesday, November 21, 2023


In an exclusive interview at the World Travel Market 2023 in London, United Kingdom, Anasha Campbell, the Tourism Minister of Nicaragua, provided valuable insights into the country’s tourism strategies and plans for the future. With a warm smile, she began by emphasizing Nicaragua’s commitment to sustainable tourism, emphasizing the importance of balancing economic growth with environmental conservation.

One key highlight of the conversation was Nicaragua’s focus on community-based tourism initiatives. Minister Campbell spoke passionately about empowering local communities to actively participate in and benefit from the tourism industry. By involving residents in the decision-making process and ensuring they receive a fair share of the economic gains, Nicaragua aims to create a more inclusive and sustainable tourism model.

The minister also discussed the unique attractions that make Nicaragua a standout destination. From the pristine beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts to the lush rainforests and volcanic landscapes, the country offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers. Minister Campbell expressed pride in Nicaragua’s cultural heritage, citing the colonial architecture of cities like Granada and León, as well as the vibrant traditions that make the country a rich tapestry of history and culture.

As technology plays an increasingly significant role in tourism, Minister Campbell highlighted Nicaragua’s efforts to leverage digital platforms for marketing and visitor engagement. The country aims to enhance its online presence to reach a global audience while also utilizing technology to streamline travel processes and enhance the overall visitor experience.

When asked about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Nicaragua’s tourism sector, Minister Campbell acknowledged the challenges but expressed optimism about the industry’s resilience. She emphasized the implementation of stringent health and safety measures to reassure travelers and the importance of collaboration between nations to revive international tourism.

Anasha Campbell’s interview shed light on Nicaragua’s commitment to sustainable and community-focused tourism. The minister’s vision for a resilient and inclusive tourism sector aligns with the broader goals of the World Tourism Forum, making Nicaragua a compelling destination for those seeking authentic and responsibly managed travel experiences.

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