Egypt decides to implement several measures to upkeep cultural tourism

 Wednesday, March 30, 2022 


Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities has decided to implement several measures for upkeeping cultural tourism in the country.

Among these measures aresplitting the rent of bazaars in museums and archaeological sites that are connected with the council and the Nuba Antiquities Rescue Fund in April, May and June this year.

The council would also grant a 50 percent discount on tickets to archaeological areas and museums in all Upper Egypt governorates.

Egypt’s tourism sector, affected by the coronavirus pandemic, has been further impacted by the Russia-Ukraineconflict, which together comprise about 40 percent of beach tourists annually in Egypt.

The Egypt government is trying to recover and develop the tourism sector and search for alternative sources.

“We are … continuing to work to provide the required support to preserve this sector from being affected by the turmoil resulting from current events worldwide, especially the Russian-Ukrainian crisis,” said Egypt Prime Minister MostafaMadbouly.

Khaled Al-Anani, minister of tourism and antiquities, has presented proposals to attract more tourists to Madbouly.

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