Long Fei trip showcases China’s transportation revolution during Spring Festival

Monday, February 12, 2024


Chinese Lunar New Year

A report from People’s Daily highlights the journey of Long Fei, a migrant worker from south China’s Guangdong province, who annually returns to his home in Guizhou for the Chinese New Year.

In years past, Long and his fellow migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta region relied on motorcycles to navigate the limited transportation options and scarce train tickets during the Spring Festival rush.

However, thanks to recent advancements in transportation infrastructure, Long and others now have the luxury of choosing high-speed trains or airplanes for their journey home. Long himself has even purchased a car, enabling him, his wife, and daughter to drive back for the festive season.

This shift away from motorcycle travel among migrant workers reflects the evolving landscape of China’s Spring Festival travel rush. The Ministry of Transport estimates a staggering 9 billion passenger trips during this year’s festivities.

Traditional transportation sectors such as railways, highways, aviation, and shipping are expected to operate at full capacity, while newer alternatives like road trips, ride-sharing, and car rentals offer diverse travel options.

This surge in travel is fueled by family visits, tourism, and the return of students and migrant workers, mirroring China’s ongoing economic recovery and social dynamism.

Moreover, these changes not only influence transportation choices but also impact consumer behavior. Car travel is estimated to account for 80 percent of total trips this year, liberating people to enjoy family gatherings and explore beyond the confines of their homes.

The collaboration between high-speed trains, airplanes, and rental cars further enhances travel flexibility, bolstering a vibrant Spring Festival consumer market.

While the travel rush imposes pressure on service sectors, it also spurs opportunities for development. Train stations, airports, ride-hailing platforms, and highway service areas have enhanced their services, transforming travel into a more enjoyable experience.

By addressing travelers’ needs, these initiatives not only improve the travel experience but also stimulate economic activity.

China’s extensive transportation infrastructure, including high-speed rail networks and highways, has played a pivotal role in meeting the evolving travel demands of its people.

From the arduous journeys of the past to the convenience of modern travel, the Spring Festival travel rush embodies China’s commitment to efficiency and equity, ensuring that the benefits of development are widely shared among its citizens.

As individuals align their aspirations with national development, the Spring Festival travel rush reflects a bright future for China, characterized by openness, opportunity, and prosperity.

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