Looking back at the Boeing-737 crashes after the Chinese incident

 Tuesday, March 22, 2022 


A news site reports that about 74% of the 11,800 flights were cancelled across China after a Boeing Co. 737-800 NG crashed in Guangxi province on Monday afternoon. Of the 132 people on board, no one survived. This is the biggest fatal air crash in China since 2010. This has resulted in cancellation of a majority of flights between Beijing and Shanghai.

The 35 flights from Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport to Beijing, only 2 flights operated from the airport in the morning and 3 more were due to fly. Only 5 of the 34 flights from Beijing to Shanghai flew. The Boeing 737 family is a of jetliners are powered by the  CFM LEAP-1B high bypass turbofans. These planes can carry a passenger load of 138 to 204 poeple. The plane was first operated by the Lufthansa Airlines in 1968 and is serving in various roles with multiple countries across the world.  

Here are some of the air crashes that occurred across the globe in Boeing 737/737 Max planes

  1. 19th July, 1970

United Airlines Flight 611, a new 737-200  was damaged beyond economical repair after an aborted take off at Philadelphia International Airport. The captain aborted the take off, and the aircraft ran off the end of the runway, stopping 1634 feet past its end, in a field. There were no fatalities. This was the first, non-fatal, accident involving a 737.

2. 31st May, 1973

Indian Airlines Flight 440, a 737-200, crashed while on approach to Palam International Airport in New Delhi, India. Of the 65 passengers and crew on board, 48 died.

3. 28th January, 1986

VASP Flight 210, a 737-200, tried to take-off from a taxiway at São Paulo-Guarulhos Airport. The take-off was aborted, but the aircraft overran the pavement, collided with a dyke and broke in two. The weather was foggy and a single fatality was reported.

4. 31st August, 1999

LAPA Flight 3142, a 737-200, crashed while attempting to take off with an incorrect wing flaps configuration from the Jorge Newbery Airport in Buenos Aires en route to Córdoba, Argentina. The crash resulted in 65 fatalities.

5. 8th July, 2003

Sudan Airways Flight 139, a 737-200C  stalled and crashed in Port Sudan, Sudan resulting of the deaths of all its 117 occupants on board.

6. 30th August, 2008

Conviasa 737-200 Advanced registration YV-102T operating a ferry flight from Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, Venezuela stalled and crashed into the Illiniza Volcano, Ecuador. One passenger and both pilots died.

7. 20th April, 2012

Bhoja Air Flight 213, a 737-200, crashed in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. All 127 passengers and crew on board died.

8. 2nd July, 2021

Transair Flight 810, where a single engine on the Boeing 737-200 cargo aircraft failed en route from Honolulu to the neighboring Hawaiian island of Maui. The crew attempted to turn back to Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, but the plane’s second engine overheated, forcing the two pilots onboard to ditch the airplane about 4 miles (6.4 km) off the southern coast of Oahu. Both pilots were rescued by the United States Coast Guard.

These mark some of the worst air crashes that occurred with the Boeing 737 air planes across the globe. The Boeing Company must realize that there are some of the inherent problems with the 737 aircraft and must take measures that can help prevent air crashes in the future.

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