The Middle East – region rich in natural wonders

 Tuesday, May 10, 2022 


The Middle East boasts of natural wonders, right from the rocky mountains of Oman to the wild beauty of Saudi Arabia’s infinite Rub Al-Khali. The region is also home to a majority of the world’s most important cultural and historical sites.

Over the past two decades, the Middle East experienced outstanding expansion, with major development of most economic sectors. The effect of this growth is positive in general, with the travel industry growing intensely.

The travel and tourism sector is going forward, with tourist arrivals globally expected to reach 2.4 billion by 2027, creating $2.2 trillion of spending. Saudi Arabia is in a great position to grab its share of the market, and the Middle East is expected to become the next global tourism hub.

The Middle East is predicted to grow around 27 percent this year, which is somewhat behind the global average of 31 percent, after a 51 percent drop in 2020, said the World Travel and Tourism Council. The WTTC said that the predictable growth for the Middle East is ahead of other regions like Europe and Latin America, exhibiting a year-on-year increase of $36bn in the region’s economy.

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