5 best things to do in Bahrain

 Saturday, February 18, 2023 



Bahrain is emerging as a tourist hotspot in the Middle East with its natural gems and man-made spectacles dotted across its length and breadth.

The island nation made up of 30 island proudly stands as a testimony to the peaceful coexistence of the nation’s glorious past and cosmopolitan present.

From exploring the Al Fateh Grand Mosque to savouring authentic Bahraini breakfast at the Haji’s Café, there are many a reason why Bahrain should be high on your bucket list.

We have shortlisted the 5 best things you can include in your must-to-do list for Bahrain trip:

Visit Jarada Island

The shallow green waters of the Arabian Gulf, wandering herds of sea cows and oysters bearing lustrous natural pearls attract tourists for a boat ride to Jarada Island. Qit’at Jaradah (Jarada Island) is located in the Arabian Gulf to the east of Bahrain Island.  

The island exists approximately midway between Bahrain and Qatar and within the 12-mile 19 km territorial waters of both countries.

Jarada Island is not like other islands people often visit and should be on every adventure lover’s bucket list. The island appears and disappears daily due to the tidal factor. It is an ideal spot for daytrips only if you know the ideal time to visit the Jarada Island.

Go shopping at Manama Souq

Officially known as the Bab Al Bahrain, there is barely any place better than the Manama Souq in Bahrain for an authentic Arabian shopping experience.

Haggle with the sellers or look for the best bargain in the local souvenir shops or street food kiosks lined up along the narrow alleys.

Even if you do not buy anything, it is always great fun to walk along the alleys of this shopping utopia of Bahrain. From ostentatious gold jewellery to colourful textiles and electronic goods to Arabian perfumes, the old bazaar of Manama has everything to cater to your taste and budget.

Enjoy Arabian platters

Bahraini foods are known for their distinctive aroma which results from a blend of various Arabian spices.

Going on a culinary expedition at the local eateries will give you insight to Bahrain’s gastronomic tradition and the Arabian culture.

While in Bahrain don’t miss out an opportunity to enjoy authentic Bahraini breakfast at the Haji’s Café. The 50 year old food joint will certainly worth a visit on your food binging trip.

Apart from gorging on to a shawarma or sipping over Karak Chai, you can also watch the whole process of making super soft breads which the Middle East is also known for.

Try your guts

Feel the thrill and ecstasy of a freefall along one of the world’s tallest wind tunnel with 12 metres height and the wind speed reaching up to 250 km per hour.

Adrenaline junkies can participate in this incredible body flight experience sport at the Gravity Indoor Skydiving in Bahrain. As you propel against the gravity within the tempered glass wind tunnel, you can exactly feel the gushing air through your hair.

Now even without the need to jump out of an airplane you can enjoy a safe and unique flight. All that you need is just the zing to take to the air.

Meet our furry friends

Established in 1976, the Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve in Bahrain is a top attraction for the locals as well as tourists.  

If you are looking for spending time amidst nature and her bounty, take a tour around the reserve which covers a total area of 4 sq. km.

For more than 30 years the park has been home to 25 plant species, 82 bird species and 45 mammal species.

Al Areen Wildlife Park is divided into four areas namely- Water Birds Park, Wild Birds Park, Wild Animals Complex and Desert Flora Garden. The areas are named according to the species inhabiting there.

Visitors are provided bus ride which allows them to catch a glimpse of Bahrain’s typical flora and fauna.

Bahrain in a nutshell

The little island of Bahrain boasts its own Formula 1 Grand Prix track, glistening cityscape, a burgeoning art and foodie scene, ancient castles and all the hallmarks of wealth, modern Arabian style.

The island nation with all her hidden secrets is waiting to be explored and appreciated.

How many from the list have caught your attention?

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