Job hunt in the event management industry

 Tuesday, September 20, 2022 


The event management sector is booming and will undoubtedly expand in the years to come.

Right now, there are ample opportunities for event planners looking for new positions in the sector, especially with third-party companies.

Although salaries have increased significantly since the epidemic, the main change has been in terms of flexibility and other benefits that cater to lifestyle needs.

This industry has grown alarmingly during the last ten years, accounting for a 25500 crore enterprise in 2019–2020.

Leading management study claims that the events sector can grow by 25% annually.

Therefore, this indicates that its range is expanding every day, adding new managers every hour.

As a result, a large number of aspirants, both young and experienced, voluntarily enter the profession and realise their goals of success.

To accommodate one’s progress in this field, however, sky is the only limit.

Dawn Penfold, president of a placement portal and a longtime placement expert, finds it difficult to locate enough candidates to meet the soaring demand for professional planners.

She points out that the majority of these requests for full-time employees come from agencies rather than from businesses or organisations. 

She said that it is the third parties that are really looking for people right now.

When the pandemic started easing off, and business started picking up, companies who had laid people off became wary of going through that again. So they are relying more on agencies.

According to Penfold, there is also a high need for independent contractors and freelancers.

Important insights for job seekers in the event management industry

Vicki Salemi, career advisor for an online job portal and a frequent lecturer on employment trends, claims that despite the tight labour market benefitting job seekers, the significance of having a strong résumé and interviewing skills has not diminished.

Salemi observed that job seekers should evaluate employers in the same way that businesses evaluate job candidates.

According to Penfold, social media platforms are useful places to learn about job possibilities as well as different firms’ cultures.

As said by Penfold, employers in the events sector would be prudent to be accommodating regarding factors like experience levels and employment gaps.

According to sources, there is a severe scarcity of event planners with two to three years of expertise, despite the fact that many businesses are looking for them.

These people don’t even exist, as planners were being laid off two years ago. Youngsters were once drawn to the industry for the fact that it needed employees to travel a lot; it was considered an event industry perk.

However, they are far less enamoured with it now. 

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