Grant Shapps announces that UK scrap all the travel restrictions

 Tuesday, March 15, 2022

In time for the Easter Holidays, the UK government has announced that they will be scrapping all the existing travel restrictions including the passenger locator. As of now, adult unvaccinated travelers must take a day 2 PCR tests and wait in quarantine awaiting the results. But as per the new rule, they will not have to undertake these tests.

While the Transport secretary Mr. Shapps had been calling for reducing the restrictions to boost the flailing travel industry in the UK, Mr. Sajid Javed was opposing this decision on the grounds of public health that it might be detrimental to the public safety in UK. However, after the recent cabinet meeting, he agreed with Mr. Shapps view for the removal of the COVID-19 restrictions.

All the existing travel restrictions will be removed from 18th March 2022 onwards. But many people can question the timing of the move as currently 1 person in every 25 currently carry the virus according to a recent survey.

The Chief Executive of the the Association of British Travel Agents, Mr. Mark Tanzer in a recent statement has said that this was a watershed moment in the history of the British travel industry. He believes that with no more forms to fill and tests to take before coming to the UK, will indeed help the travel industry grow to much newer heights.  It will help the travel industry recover just in time before the Easter holidays, which will be important for their recovery. It will also give the travellers and the locals the much needed confidence boost to come out of their homes to travel.  Similar views are echoed by the representatives of the Virgin Airways.

This is done in keeping the upcoming Easter celebrations in mind. It will provide the British travel industry the necessary boost that it needs to revive. India, Spain and many other countries have resumed their direct flights to UK. Incidentally, the city is a blast to spend the Easter festival in. With its egg hunts, exiting dinners, and the other attractions at the various Royal palaces and gardens, it is a treat to be in London during this time. And with the restrictions removed, one can enjoy the Easter season more thoroughly than ever before in the past 2 years.

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